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I came upon this picture on Facebook recently and re-posted it on the Natural Nigerians Facebook group with the question: Does your husband know how to fix his daughter’s hair? Is he involved in any way? I hardly got an answer because the ladies were busy oohing and ahhing about it being Kunle Afolayan in the picture. Lol! I am inclined to try to have this conversation again so here we go: In Nigeria, men are traditionally not very much involved in the domestic care of their children. I say traditionally because there are some exceptions (like my amah-zing Daddy :)).However have you ever noticed that the kiddies are more excited about Daddy fixing breakfast than Mummy doing it? I guess because it is a bit of a novelty. Seeing the picture above and the strong reaction that it got (all the oohing and aahhhing), getting into a National Newspaper and more, made me think to do ask a few questions. As most women have found when they have to style their daughter’s hair is that a lot of patience is required. It can take a long time to loosen cornrows properly and if the mother is able to, to weave new cornrows. What kind of husband do you have?

  • Does he know the difference between natural hair and relaxed hair?
  • Does he know where to buy the basics like combs and tools?
  • Is he at a more advanced level and can use more complicated hair tools like curlformers?

For me that can be real quality time that parents spend with their children. Imagine having a father do that. I think it will be awesome for the little girl and a nice break for mummy from the tasks that are seen as hers. If you have a husband that can be roped into helping out with tasks like handling his kids’ hair, I think it should be very much encouraged. Don’t you?



Dr Agility / Purejoie

My husband plays a major role in my daughter’s hair care o. He may not be able to do it himself but when it comes to accessories or styling, he is particularly interested.

Mary Awaritefe

My husband washes my daughter”s hair and she LOVES IT. He used to wash his mum”s hair and help cut it too so he knows stuff. Very good at scalp massages too. He does not like his daughter going through any kind of pain cos of hair. So he is quite involved with his daughter’s hair

Natural Nigerian

That is lovely!!! Interestingly, it started from his own mother training him to do it. Imagine if we could get our boys to be involved in things like that.


My husband helped with my daughter’s hair when I was pregnant and helpless. He was always helpful and caring with his children. He cooks also and all thanks to his mom who taught him or let’s say he was willing to learn from her. The only thing that surprised me a few years ago was that he did not know that women wore hair extensions. Had a good laugh when I found that out.


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