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Please fill out this fun, short survey to learn more about the workshop and to help us get to know you! Thanks.

A lot of people approach me (via social media, telephone, email, at meet ups and pretty much anywhere they can find me) to ask questions about their hair.

And not just one or two questions but they have LOADS of questions about how to embark or maintain a healthy hair journey. Some of these questions range from the simple – what kind of comb should I use; to the the more complicated – how do I keep my hair truly moisturized.

Well, to answer those questions and basically lead a small number of women forward on their journey towards healthy hair, Nat ManeAgility DrPurejoie Austin Ihesie and I (Natural Nigerian) will be organizing a workshop on the 9th of May, 2015 in Lagos.

At the end of our workshop, you will be able to

  • care for your hair properly,
  • know what products you need (we will streamline it for you, no need for product junkism)
  • whip some up products at home
  • do basic styling/protective styling.

Like one of my co-organizers said, “We’re taking haircare in Nigeria to the next level, with ACCURATE SCIENTIFIC, EVIDENCE-BASED, AND MEDICAL INFORMATION about everything hair.”

Our hope is that you get so good at this, you pass it on to your kids and we rid urselves of a generation of women with no hair line. Bold aspirations but I believe we can get there.

This workshop is open to everyone – Natural or Relaxed. Yep! We do not discriminate. Healthy Hair is Healthy Hair.

If you think that this is something that you would be interested in, please complete this short, fun survey. It will help us narrow down the people that will get in the class.

More information coming soon!




🙁 all the good and exciting stuff happen in Lagos. Darling NN, when are you coming to ph city please??? We need you here.


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