Healthy Hair Workshop NigeriaWe are really excited to bring you this workshop which is for everyone – Natural and Relaxed. Our goal is to help you on your healthy hair journey. Once you have this sorted, long hair can follow, hairlines may be restored and who knows, you may adopt a much more healthy lifestyle. We see a lot of positive outcomes.

I mustn’t forget to add that we will be creating a private community for all attendees and that for 2 months after the class, you will still have access to the “tutors”. Yep, we are that determined to see that you really benefit from this class. Trust me, this will be money well spent.

A bit about the workshop when you click read more.


You could;

– Have suffered hair loss and want to understand how to start their hair journey all over again.

– Have decided on relaxing or texturizing hair but can’t understand why it isn’t growing like others.

– Have a great interest in going into the hair industry and/or want to improve already existing skills.

– Be a new parent with no clue on how to take care of your kids’ hair. e.t.c.


You may have attended a Natural Hair Meet Up and be wondering how this workshop is any different.

Short Answer: The Meet Ups are not tailored to individuals. We share general information at the meet ups and because of a time crunch may not be able to go into as much detail as we like.

Longer Answer, lol!: With the Healthy Hair workshop, we will be collecting information about you before and during the course of the workshop and will provide you with a plan which you can use to achieve healthy hair. We know that no two people’s hair is the same and we will do all we can to give you a program tailored to you.

In one day, your three tutors would walk you through everything you need to know about your hair; its chemistry, structure, and link with the body. This would help you understand how your hair is not just a means of attracting a partner or making you beautiful but a part of your inner body system.

This knowledge will not only educate you but will help you make a turnaround from all that you know now to get a beautiful head of hair and a healthier life style in general. Healthy practices and how to make necessary products by yourself will be shown to you live.

There is much more to know…if you are interested, please email us for more details ( and or

Payment (N15000 for early birds) can be made to our account.

The early bird fee expires on the 4th of May, so please act quickly. We will be keeping the class size small so once we get a certain number of attendees, we will stop admitting folks. Small class size = optimal interaction!
I am going to be sending out a more detailed newsletter on this topic shortly so if you are not already signed up, please do so by filling out your details on the top right hand column of this blog.



I love to attend this workshop but my problem is am in onitsha.I will plead if these kind of workshops will be organized down here.keep your good work going

Natural Nigerian

Hi Nkiru, we would love to host these down there – as long as we can get enough people to justify it. You see, it costs quite a lot of money to set these things up. I hope you can join us in Enugu for the meet up on the 13th of June.


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