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In case you are wondering, yes we are talking about the stuff that goes out of your body while you are sat on the “white throne”. It could be passing along really vital information about what is going on in your body. No BS!

[tweetthis]Feeling too embarrassed to study your poop? Here’s an incentive: Doing so could literally save your life. [/tweetthis]

[tweetthis]Have kids? Don’t forget to take a look at their poop too.They shouldn’t always flush valuable information[/tweetthis]

To help you along your journey of getting to know your poop, I have lined up excellent resources for you.

First and foremost, did you know that there is actually a medical aid that classifies poop? This easy aid helps you identify where you fall in the scale and what you should attain to.  


Can you guess where we want to be at? no. 4 is our target. If you are not too shy, please share your current figure in the comments section.

To get into more detail, take a gander at Kimberly Snyder’s chart. She even throws in a Pee chart. I pinned this years ago on Pinterest and it has been my go-to reference tool for this subject. Just a word on Kimberly. I think I started reading her blog in 2006 and it was a big influence. Her blog has since evolved but there is still a lot to learn. Go by there and look around.


Don’t forget to check out our post on the proper position for pooping. I think a logical continuation to this post will be talking what we can do at home to land ourselves from an unwanted category to the desired category 4. Would you like read something like that?

Don’t forget to go to see your Doctor if you think you need Medical help.


Natural Nigerian

LOL! I know. Pooping is so important. Imagine if you didn’t do it and none of that stuff got out :). To get to 4, you should drink more water, eat veggies and fruits. Here’s to sausage shaped poo! 🙂


I am number 4. Bulk of my diet is veggies and fruits and my water bottle is an additional appendage to my body.


Ok. Here’s the thing. This was totally fascinating!! I was just browsing through your site and came across this post. As a mom, this is super important to read too! Thanks 😉


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