It is time again, folks! The quarterly Lagos Natural Hair Meet up has rolled round again and of course, we have an interesting line up! 


​The theme for this meet up is KEEPING IT REAL. You really can't have a theme like that without a sex talk. Yep! You heard right. A S.E.X. talk. There is a lot that lots of ladies need to learn. I don't want to give too much away so I am going to just leave it here. 

It is a hair meet up after all, so there will be hair talks. The beautiful Yellow Sisi will be one of the hair speakers.​ Yes, she of the flawless twist outs. 

Although it is hair meet up, we try to cover all fronts - including keeping our body healthy. To this end, Esta Morenikeji, fitness guru and trainer, will be there  to talk about the benefits of exercise and more. 

To digress a bit, did you know that ​hair grows better and even faster when you exercise regularly?

There will be other talks and even an interesting game which my co-host, The Kink and I, will lead. 

We will have most of the usual line up of vendors and a few new ones. Henna Place will be there as well and you can get Henna Tattoos.

I am really looking forward to this bit, I have massive tattoos planned for both hands - no need for small measures. There will also be giveaways (including the N10000 we are currently giving away), so don't miss it.

Be a good friend and bring a friend or four :)​



Hi! I really need advice on the products to use for my hair. It’s like its stopped growing What time is the meet? The flyer didn’t say. Thanks!


Sorry got this info late. Pls when is another Event on natural hair either by you or any naturalist coming? Pls you can contact me thorough my email address. Will be grateful if you can.

Natural Nigerian

Hi, we plan on doing one on the 19th of September.You can subscribe to my newsletter to get notified. The form is the top right hand corner of the blog.

Muenge Nkwanyuo

Thanks and date saved.Please any proposal for a natural hair salon in Lagos where I can pamper my hair this week?


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