After almost a month of not blogging, this would be a fair question. I do wish I was at a place like in the picture but nah! I was very much around. However,  I had a bit of a setback. You see, my Macbook stopped powering on and I had to send it to the US to get fixed. 


Yeah! Turns out that there are no authorized ​ Apple Service centers in Nigeria and I would have voided my warranty ( I have Apple Care) if I had had it fixed here. 

That round trip took some time so I had lots of ​backlog to get through when it returned. I can only now go back to blogging. 

I have a load of things to report back to you so watch this space closely for the next few weeks. There will be pretty frequent updates.​

By the way, if you are signed up for my newsletter this would be old news to you. You are not signed up? Gosh! that should be rectified immediately, just put your email address into the form at the top right hand corner of the blog.

As an aside, my sometimes-conspiracy-theorist side suspects that my Macbook was homesick and wanted to go back home on vacation. It achieved that and was treated very nicely by the Apple folks.

Picture by: Blake Richard Verdoorn 




Welcome back…..There is actually an Apple store Nigeria , its at the Palm’s mall in Ikeja. I had mine fixed there. Just thought to let you know for future purposes.

Natural Nigerian

Thank you so much, Halima. I know about the stores (there are others) but they are not authorized which means that fixing my macbook with them would have voided my warranty.


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