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A few years ago, a girl with fluffy hair passed me by in ShopRite. I approached her and for the first time outside a meet up, told someone I did not know that I had a blog called Natural Nigerian and that I would like to take her picture to share on my Facebook Page. She obliged.

I still have the photo but for some reason never put it up. Anyway, imagine my pleasant surprise when I ran into her again and she even became a customer and started meet ups (all by herself!).

Anyhoo, long story short, she got married recently and I determined that I was definitely going to do a post on her and her fantastic hair. ​ Enjoy! Warning - there are lots of pictures in this post. 


Natural Nigerian Bride Hair Osemhen

Hey! Introduce yourself please!

Hello! I'm Osemhen. Engineer, writer, aspiring activist, occasional baker...

You sported a fantastic natural hairstyle. Why did you decide not to hide your natural hair for the special day? What made you so confident?

I won't lie, part of it was to make a point. There were people who'd announced confidently that they were certain I wouldn't wear natural hair for my wedding. Lol.

The thing is that I'm actually pretty lazy about my hair. If I wore a weave, it would've taken 1-2 hours to fix and then another 30 minutes to style on the day. And then what if my scalp itched in the middle of the ceremony? Or what if I felt hot? I didn't want to take any chances.

Finally, I wanted a vintage, timeless look. I think weaves date you. If you look at wedding pictures from 1997, you find those awful shiny weaves. I didn't want to cringe when I look at my pictures 20 years from now.

And then I look at wedding pictures from the 60s, and the women look so classy with their poufs and what not. I wanted that.

It's hard to go wrong when your hair is real. Look at Marilyn Monroe shots. Look at Diana Ross.

My confidence came from being comfortable. Comfort over everything.

How did you decide on a stylist?

Basically, I picked the nearest natural hair salon to my house (Tunmise Natural Hair Salon)

Bunmi of Tunmise, styling a member of the wedding party. 

Did you work with her to come up with a style? Was there a mock trial before the big day?

I'd played around with my hair and I knew the styles that flattered my face. So I designed a style (flat twist in front pinned back, and a Cinna-bun behind). I'd practised it by myself many times. I wore it for my engagement shoot and confirmed that it was a look I was comfortable with. Then I had Tunmise practice it too about two weeks before my wedding.

What would you advice other Natural Nigerians to do if they wanted to rock their natural hair for the big day?

Pick a style early and practice. Prepare your hair as much as possible the days before. Wash, condition, moisturize, stretch if necessary.

You know our hair takes time, don't start washing your hair that morning unless your stylist really has a super game plan. Pick fantastic hair accessories 

Okay, let’s digress a bit and talk about your rather unique wedding. I loved the fact that the white wedding was small and rather quirky. How did you pull it off and what exactly did you do (for those of us that weren’t there)

Lol. In a nutshell, my husband and I threw the kind of party we like to attend. We had less than 200 guests (a miracle in Nigeria). We wanted to have fun.

We looked at the traditional wedding agenda and asked ourselves, "Will this be fun for us? No? Out!"

So for instance, we sat at a banquet table with 14 of our friends. And this table was just one in the sea of tables. It wasn't in a special corner. It was right in the middle of all the other tables.

After the Daddy-Daughter dance

We told the DJ and live band to play soft music when people weren't dancing so people could actually talk to each other.

We spy you, Ozoz!

We stood up often and went to the other tables to gist with our friends. It was more like a dinner party than a wedding, really. (and that was what we told people, "Please join us for dinner to celebrate our exchange of vows")

We chose unconventional souvenirs; artwork, books and candy. It's always a pleasure to visit my friends and see the artwork from our wedding on their shelves.

The venue itself was a small miracle. It was a waterfront garden with a view of the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge and it perfectly fit our theme.

Our decorator (Timeless Creations Nigeria) was also wonderful. She understood we wanted elegant and understated, and she executed it beautifully.

Twitter: @OsemhenA  Blog: 




Event Decorator - Timeless Creations Nigeria



The venue, the souvenirs… oh so unique. The wedding wouldn’t have been complete if there were no cupcakes with the wedding cake. So Osemhenish.


She has given me great inspiration for my wedding. Would love it to know how she was able to stick to that number of guests.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! The bride looked and is stunning, the hair, the dress, the bridemaids, sourvenirs, the unique wedding reception….I love everything. If it pleases the Lord to bless me with a husband, this post has given me so much inspiration. I agree with what the bride said about natural bridal hair being timeless as opposed to wearing a weave. I remember when a friend of mine was getting married a while ago and I suggested she wore her natural instead of a weave on her wedding day- she scoffed at the suggestion saying she didn’t think natural hair was elegant enough for a wedding. I could only do one thing which was to keep my mouth closed lol, afterall it wasn’t my wedding but oh how I wait in anticipation to prove my point and how delighted I am to see that there are women such as Osemhem who are already doing so. 🙂

Joy Chinaza Nebo

Wow…..unique indeed!
Everything is so creative and different……natural? Hmmm,.its worth trying.


I hardly read blogs but i decided to research on how to take care of Nigerian natural hair since I just began transitioning, and came across this blog. Weldone Eyiyemi. This post is super lovely and inspiring.

Mrs Roks

This is beautiful.. timeless. It brought tears to my eyes.
I read about her trad wedding on her blog and it’s just as awesome.

I wanted this for my own wedding but I couldn’t do most of the planning due to school.
I hope to get the chance in one of our anniversaries.

I see my personal preferences in some of her choices. Cream and gold, fascinator, natural hair.
Reception arrangement.

Osemhen is a one of kind person, beautiful and quirky. A great story teller too.
God bless your union. And happy pushing!

Hamira Tamiko El-Z

Awww. This is so beautiful and unique. I especially love the souvenirs and they are a beautiful couple. I follow her blog and she now has a cute lil son. God bless her home.


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