Sugar Content Milo Bournvita

How many of us do not enjoy having a cup of chocolate? The warm drink puts most people in a good mood. We certainly feed it to our kids on a fairly consistent basis.


​But then, what are we really drinking? I have oft tried to explain to my friends why I think these drinks, while heartwarming are quite unhealthy. The way to understand it is to visualize it, so imagine my delight when one of my favorite Youtube chefs made a video where he prepared instant hot chocolate mix.

I really like Chef John and I subscribed to his channel about 4 or 5 years ago.

However, my people on a healthy lifestyle journey, this guy is not afraid of using large quantities of butter, sugar, flour and anything else that is “bad” for you.  Just to point out that this post is not about bringing him down. I watch his videos, replicate some of his recipes (seriously modifying as I go) and sometimes I just watch because I enjoy his sense of humour. 

​Anyway, back to the matter at hand - drinking hot chocolate. The sugar content is ridiculously high and since we are all trying to get into that headspace of living healthier lives, this is one staple in our homes that have to go.  Please watch the video and tell me if you are not shocked about the amount of sugar he put in. Yes, it is actually more than the cocoa itself. 

Beyond just Hot Chocolate, imagine all those things we buy where Sugar is listed as one of the first 3 ingredients. ​This same sugar that makes us fat and predisposes our body to serious illnesses. 

In follow up posts, we will look at making our own healthier Cocoa mix​ and also look at what is available in the Nigerian market. 



Nice message!!! a subtle reminder 🙂 …….
‘Bones are very important to me. I buy them and boil them for stock. The stock is a base for most of my cooking and helps me achieve tasty meals. At less than N200 a bag, that is a steal. There are also many benefits of using bone marrow stock from cellulite reduction to an all round healthier body. I may have to get to it in another post’.


Awww and I like hot chocolate oh!! Another thing to trash. I shall be looking forward to your follow up posts…


I guess we all have to start making our own hot chocolate drinks… It’s actually easier than most people think and the best part is that you can adjust to personal tastes- more or less milky/ creamy, sugary or chocolatey…

I personally stopped buying milo when I discovered sugar was the first ingredient listed… (Considering the fact that ingredients are usually listed by weight, most to least)
The horror! I was actually drinking a cocoa flavoured sugar drink and not a cocoa drink or cocoa flavoured milk!! Lol…

Good you brought this up as many people are unaware. Label reading is very important.

I love Chef John by the way…


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