essential oil bath water dissolve pain nigeria naturalI have been a long time fan of addingto my bathwater, depending on my mood. Peppermint, to wake me up. Lavender and or Tea Tree oil to help me sleep, lemongrass and eucalyptus – well, because I love the smell. I did all this for years but a few weeks ago, something happened that means that I never will. Made me realize how unsafe it is to do this.

Before I tell you what happened, let me explain a bit about essential oils. It usually comes in pretty small bottles that have droppers. This is all very deliberate. You see, with essential oils, one is getting the very essence of the plant. Essential oils are very concentrated oils that bear most of the properties of that plant.

One only requires a very little bit and that little goes a loooooong way. So, if you had a 100g bottle of oil and wanted to add essential oils to it, you may not need any more than 10-20 drops, depending on the essential oil and the size of the dropper. Essential oils typically can’t be used neat on the skin. Dilution with carrier oils like coconut oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil etc. is usually required. There are some exceptions, like lavender but that list of exceptions is pretty short. Lavender is one of them.

Let me digress a bit and tell you about when I did not follow this rule. I wanted to get the full effects of the essential oil in the shortest time possible so I applied some essential oil directly to my face. In a matter of seconds, my face was burning. It was on FIRE. I ran to the bathroom and rinsed it off. No joy. I was with soap and this time, flushed my skin for a few minutes with water. The burning sensation abated somewhat but not enough that I did not feel uncomfortable for the next few hours. I learnt pretty quickly that essential oils are not a joke. At all.

Last thing to note is that essential oils are, well, an oil. The clue is in the name, abi? And we all know that oil and water don’t mix. Rather, they stay separate.

You are probably now chomping at the bit, wondering what this momentous thing was. Okay, okay, I’ll tell. I put some essential oil in my bathwater and when I splashed some water on my face, I had the unfortunate luck of having a droplet of essential oil land in my eye. I cannot put into words how painful that was. I was lucky that I didn’t wind up at the hospital.

So, there you have it, no more essential oils directly in my bathwater.  



Sorry about that. I typically put essential oils after washing my face especially if it’s spearmint/peppermint oil. I’ve accidentally splashed essential oil in my eye too. I immediately gave my eye a bath with coconut oil. My eye didn’t even turn red. Thanks for sharing


I use jojoba oil as my facial oil with about 10 drops of peppermint oil in the 150ml bottle. Well, yesterday after washing my face I still found a bit of eyeliner on my eyelids. So I took cottonpads, instead of going for my avocado oil I decided to go for jojoba oil. I put a lot on the pad and swiped my eye. Oh the sting I experienced. Peppermint is quiet strong. I don’t use more than two drop of my jojoba oil mix on my entire face. I had to use another cotton pad with avocado oil only to relief the pain.


I put essential oils in my bath water too but so far haven’t experienced this yet, to be honest I’ve mostly used lavender and citrus EOs, perhaps these are a tad milder. I’ve also used rosemary and tea tree oils as on the spot treatments without issue.

Thanks for this though, its always better to tend towards the side of caution.

BTW, what essential oil burned up your face…you didn’t say.

Natural Nigerian

Hi Nnenna,

It was Lemongrass. I agree that it is better to tend towards the side of caution. I had done this for years and nothing happened. Guess my luck ran out. 🙂


Wow! Impressed only here for the first time, never knew they were Nigerians like me interested in essential oils an going organic all the way for happy to meet with ‘Ahia’ NN.


I never use essential oils on my skin or bathwater. I even steer clear of skin care with essential oils in it…I read some scientific information that showed me how dangerous essential oils can be to skin. I only use essential oils for aromatherapy in the home. Nowhere near the skin 🙂

Natural Nigerian

Essential oils are very potent and with misuse are dangerous for skin, hair and even inhalation. It is however very beneficial to hair and skin as long as it is used within safety limits. They can even be used for first aid.


Hahaha…. you guys have not even suffered like me. I wish I could say I put essential oil on my face sef, my own is that the devil convinced me to rub Roberts antiseptic on my face….chai…. looking back I think my brain must have been numb. But thanks for sharing, I probably would have tried that one too

TYA Cosmetics

Essential oils are super concentrated “plant” oils as not all are distilled from plants because the desired fragrance(s) wouldn’t carry through.
Lavender EO is one of the most irritating and Citrus EO readily causes sensitizing even in concentration as low as 0.25%. I don’t know what drops could ever amount to but I sense the stated amounts in posts above must be quite low which us why you all are getting away with putting them in carriers that you use almost immediately on your skin.
In all I suggest handling with glove as an unconscious drop on your finger can wreak havoc to e.g face if touched and not quickly and thoroughly rinsed off.

Natural Nigerian

Thank you for your comment. I would like to address some of the things you said.

ALL essential oils come from plant materials. Fragrance is usually a secondary consideration for most people using essential oils. Perhaps you are mistaking it for Fragrance oil? Fragrance oils can be part synthetic and part natural. Sometimes, even all natural. This is different from essential oils.

Saying that Lavender EO is “one of the most irritating” is not correct. It is, in fact, one of the mildest. When the components are broken down, I agree that there is a irritant component. This is camphor but it exists in less than 1% so it is not of much concern. There haven’t been many reported cases of irritation or sensitization caused by Lavender. I haven’t seen evidence of what you have said in the IFRA standards nor in any of Robert Tisserand’s work. Can you please point me in the direction of where you came upon this? I am willing to expand my knowledge.

Citruses are sensitizers. They can cause photosensitivity. However if one uses them and is not exposed to sunlight, OR uses them at night and ensures that a sunscreen is worn the following day, it can be used safely. Citrus E.Os are very many (lime, bergamot, lemon, orange, sweet orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, mandarin e.t.c), so 0.25% cannot be applied to all of them. Their dermal limits have to be investigated, one by one.

Yes, drops can’t be quantified but you are right that I use them in low doses.


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