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Go from relaxed hair to natural hair

If you are wondering why I am talking about something as basic as how to go from relaxed hair to natural hair, kindly let me share a quick story with you. I love watching documentaries and one day, I watched one on the Pound shop. You know, the chain stores in the UK that sell everything under their roof for a quid. The floor salesperson being interviewed was asked what question he gets the most and unbelievably, it was “How much is this?

One would have thought it was fairly obvious that in a shop that told you upfront that everything was a pound, you wouldn’t have to be asked this question. It made me realize that those that ask me what I sometimes think are obvious questions are not just yanking my chain. They actually don’t know and want to know. And I accept that.

With this blog, one of the frequently asked questions I get is “How do I get natural hair”. I thought the answer to be fairly obvious but apparently it is not. And that is okay. And that is why, this post is going to address that in detail.

Let’s begin with some definitions.

What is natural hair?

  • This is hair that has not been chemically processed.

What is chemically processed hair?

  • When the chemical make up of your hair strands are changed in a non-reversible way. That means that the only way to get rid of that change is when new hair grows to replace the old one.

Let’s talk a bit more about chemical processing

  • Some examples of chemical processing include perming, relaxing, bleaching, texturizing, and texlaxing. These things re irreversible. However when you blow dry your hair, this is not a chemical process because it reverts to natural hair in a few days…sometimes hours, if you are in a very humid place. Hair Styling is also pretty temporary, so that can’t be considered a chemical process.

So if my hair is relaxed and I want it to become natural?

The first step is to stop relaxing your hair. It is that simple. There is nothing that you can buy and pour on your hair that will revert it to natural hair from relaxed hair. If you stop relaxing your hair, your new growth will be all natural. Over time, you can cut the new growth and Voila! you have natural hair.

So I must wait for my hair to grow before I cut it off?

Errr…no. There are actually two ways to do this. You can do the Big Chop or you can Transition. What I described before was transitioning. But let me explain a bit more.


This is a way to go from relaxed hair to natural hair.

This is typically when hair is allowed to grow for a duration of time without any relaxing of that new growth. What this means is that one manages both relaxed hair and new growth at the same time. This can go on from a few month to a year. What determines the duration is typically how long one wants their hair to be when they cut off the old (sentence updated to correct a mistake) growth. The longest Nigerian transitioner I know of is Sandra, Naija Girl Next Door. She transitioned for a record breaking 19months. That is almost 2 years. Little wonder that her 1 year length check looks like this.

Go from relaxed hair to natural hair

She wanted to have long hair when she cut her relaxed ends off, so she was patient with her transition time. Read more about her hair journey on her blog.

Big Chop

Still wondering if you can go from relaxed hair to natural hair real quick without the wait?

For those that do not mind having short natural hair, they typically cut off the relaxed ends after very few months of new growth or when there is no new growth.

There is a whole range from “gorimapa” to a teeny weeny afro.

So there you have it, to go from relaxed hair to natural hair is basically a matter of using a pair of scissors AND stopping the application of relaxer or texturizer. As Africans, afro-textured hair grows out of our scalp and so we do not need to do anything to specially grow it. Simply do not relax it and after a while, you will have enough natural hair on your scalp to liberate from relaxed hair.



This article is rich, now i know how to switch from permed hair to growing a beautiful natural hair.


Many thanks blogger. I’ve been considering the big chop for a very long time. My problem however is that my edges are bad, like really bad and my hair lacks volume. What can I do about this and should I apply anything while I wait for the transition process


I’ve been transitioning for about 8months now cos my edges were also not too good however I use a lot of ‘ori’ on the edges and it’s really improved. NN should be able to suggest more steps though:) …good luck


Thanks NN for the wonderful insight….well I’ve been transitioning for 8 months too and I think shea butter also known as ‘ori’ is a something you should try.

christie Nkem

I have been thinking on her to turn my hair into a natural one, I think I will try the transition method. Kudos!


Very delightful actually …dunno if that can describe the post but that’s exactly how I found it plus it made me smile….hehehe


am just starting my own transition sha but during dis tym can I still do my braids and fixing? u know still carry my hair normal

Gbenga-Ojo Kikelomo

Thanks for this tips, but I want to know what product to use for my hair during my transitioning, to make my hair soft to comb. Will really appreciate your assistance. Thanks.

osaretin owen

Just starting my own transition,but during this time can I still do my braids and fixing?and what can l use to
my hair,thanks.

osaretin owen

Just starting my own transition,but during this time can I still do my braids and fixing?and what can l use to make my hair soft.


Fnx for the tips.Am a beginner, but I still have undergrowth hair and I want to leave it to natural. What do I do.

Mrs Edeh Chioma

Thanks very much for your wonderful tips,they are quite helpful,but my question is, how can one really maintain and care for this natural hair for a quicker growth,fuller and more healthier hair?please i need your sincere response…..thanks

Natural Nigerian

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