• I try to live a “WELLthy” life.
  • I love my rich cultural heritage – Igbo Kwenu! Proudly Nigerian!
  • This is not just a Nigerian hair blog. 
  • I am trying my hand at making most of my own things. Soaps, creams, lotions.
  • I love the environment and strive to do my bit to protect it and improve sustainability.
  • Read more about me here

The www

  • A way of sharing my experiences as a natural girl living in Nigeria.
  • A collection of tips, information and recipes that I have picked up along the way.
  • A celebration of being a strong, secure female.
  • A place of positivity.
  • A site that is still evolving in terms of what it will look like and what it will offer.


  • I’m looking forward to finding out.
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