I have always been pretty reluctant to answer any questions regarding hair growth, hair conditions e.t.c. If you have ever DM’d me or sent me an email, you may have noted either my reluctance or been the recipient of a delicious new option that opened up to me: I refer you to an actual professional whose business is everything hair. Someone who has taken several courses specifically detailing hair and scalp diseases and who has even done an internship with a reputable “senior” in the business.

You see, I think that one has to be careful where one gets one advice from. I have time and time again seen instances where people reach out to the wrong people for help – for thinning edges, for accelerated hair growth e.t.c. and the standard advice is to

  • Use Coconut Oil
  • Use Castor Oil
  • Throw in some stimulating essential oils.
  • Lay off weaves and braids

Something along those lines. Some people are more creative than others.

Sometimes, these tips work – for some time. Other times, the symptoms may be a sign of some more serious underlying problem which may need escalating to resolve. I always like to involve the right people in problem solving and most of the time, that involves some who is QUALIFIED. Writing about my hair does not make me a professional. In fact if we must trust the professionalism, I am a professional about my hair. Sometimes.

The same is true of skin care conditions. People write me all the time about how to lighten their skin, maintain their coloring e.t.c. These are the mild requests. I get quite startled how people trust me (just because I blog) with what reads as real problems that MUST be entrusted to a doctor.

So, I am here to reiterate what I have said in those mails – see the right people for your problems. Hair and Beauty bloggers have their functions but unless they have a qualification that enables them to deal with serious matters, go to the right people.

Some people that have gone bald could have saved themselves a lot of time and money and maybe even arrested the baldness by going to see a trichologist in the first place instead of rubbing in onion juice, carrot juice, coconut oil and castor oil on their hair. The ones I have recommended in the past are: DBKTricho as well as Tresses by Vera Cruz.

In fact, your skin/hair’s condition may be indicative of underlying disease or conditions which you should immediately see a doctor for. Turning to someone like me does not help you discover that. A trichologist might. A dermatologist might. It may well save your life – to be mildly dramatic.

Plix and Plix (Please and Please), trust your hair issues to a professionals. By all means, do what you can but where you find that things are getting out of hand, stop “self medicating” and do see a professional.

As a matter of fact, the new products we have were made with the very active input of a renowned hair stylist (who has seen and touched more hair than I ever will) as well as a trichologist. You see, I did not even rely on just my own knowledge (which is pretty awesome, seeing as I understand the Chemistry of ingredients and end products) to develop these items. Very telling.

For details on how to reach the trichologists I have recommended in the past, see below:

DBK Tricho

Clinic in Keeks Therapy, BrightStar Plaza, Jabi, Abuja

(holds consultations in Lagos too)

Instagram: @eskinks


Phone: 0817 320 5098 (9-5, Monday – Friday)

Tresses By KVeraCruz

Has her clinic and salon at Ademola Tokunbo, Victoria Island, Lagos

Instagram: @koyinvc


Natural Hair Relaxed Hair Big Chop transition

I love watching documentaries and one day, I watched one on the Pound shop. You know, the chain stores in the UK that sell everything under their roof for a quid. The floor salesperson being interviewed was asked what question he gets the most and unbelievably, it was “How much is this?

One would have thought it was fairly obvious that in a shop that told you upfront that everything was a pound, you wouldn’t have to be asked this question. It made me realize that those that ask me what I sometimes think are obvious questions are not just yanking my chain. They actually don’t know and want to know. And I accept that. (more…)

Natural Nigerian Hair Meet Up

The 12th edition of NITC has come and gone. I have to say that it was a really good one. Really good. We had the most people attend this meet up than ever before.

While I was unable to bring you details of the meet up prior to it happening, I am here to share the pictures. Yay!

So, this meet up was slightly different because we had certain elements.

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Natural Nigerian Hair Bride Osemhen

A few years ago, a girl with fluffy hair passed me by in ShopRite. I approached her and for the first time outside a meet up, told someone I did not know that I had a blog called Natural Nigerian and that I would like to take her picture to share on my Facebook Page. She obliged.

I still have the photo but for some reason never put it up. Anyway, imagine my pleasant surprise when I ran into her again and she even became a customer and started meet ups (all by herself!).

Anyhoo, long story short, she got married recently and I determined that I was definitely going to do a post on her and her fantastic hair. ​ Enjoy! Warning - there are lots of pictures in this post. 

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Store oils to last Nigeria

Oils are becoming more and more useful outside the kitchen. In Nigeria, coconut oil has been used as a cosmetic product for a long long time but is now proudly joined by oils like Hemp Seed Oil, Sweet almond e.t.c. 

A fairly common problem with oils is that they get spoilt or they go rancid. And we don't want that, so this post is about storing your oils to last.

It is fairly easy to tell when oils have gone rancid - they smell "off"

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Healthy Hair Workshop NigeriaWe are really excited to bring you this workshop which is for everyone – Natural and Relaxed. Our goal is to help you on your healthy hair journey. Once you have this sorted, long hair can follow, hairlines may be restored and who knows, you may adopt a much more healthy lifestyle. We see a lot of positive outcomes.

I mustn’t forget to add that we will be creating a private community for all attendees and that for 2 months after the class, you will still have access to the “tutors”. Yep, we are that determined to see that you really benefit from this class. Trust me, this will be money well spent.

A bit about the workshop when you click read more.


Kunle Afolayan grooming daughter hair natural


I came upon this picture on Facebook recently and re-posted it on the Natural Nigerians Facebook group with the question: Does your husband know how to fix his daughter’s hair? Is he involved in any way? I hardly got an answer because the ladies were busy oohing and ahhing about it being Kunle Afolayan in the picture. Lol! I am inclined to try to have this conversation again so here we go: (more…)

Healthy Hair Workshop Nigeria Natural

Please fill out this fun, short survey to learn more about the workshop and to help us get to know you! Thanks.

A lot of people approach me (via social media, telephone, email, at meet ups and pretty much anywhere they can find me) to ask questions about their hair.

And not just one or two questions but they have LOADS of questions about how to embark or maintain a healthy hair journey. Some of these questions range from the simple – what kind of comb should I use; to the the more complicated – how do I keep my hair truly moisturized.

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