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It is normal to dislike aging and to yearn for lost youthfulness.  This is a part of our shared human experience, and has cut across numerous cultures through the ages.

Thankfully, there are practical steps you can take to slow, and even reverse, the aging of skin.  And this process will rejuvenate much more than your skin.  Aging is a whole body process.  Its reversal is also a whole body process.  But first of all, it is useful to understand what aging is.

Natural Nigerian Smooth Skin Aging Nigeria Source

What is aging? 

Aging is basically damage to proteins.  It is the gradual accumulation of irreversible damage to proteins.  Proteins are the most dynamic molecules in the body.  Proteins are the scaffold of the body, giving it form and structure.  Proteins are also molecular machines, assembling themselves in numerous ways to enable life.  In short, life is proteins acting on other relatively inert molecules (e.g. fat, cholesterol, DNA, carbohydrates, minerals, etc).

The aging of skin is caused by damage to the proteins that make it up.  Namely structural proteins like collagen and elastin.  As these proteins are irreversibly damaged, skin progressively falls apart.  It becomes saggy, wrinkly, spotty, fragile and dull.

The damage that drives aging could come from various sources.  Minor sources could range from noxious fumes from a petrol generator to weak radiation from your cell phone.  However, these are largely peripheral.  There are two main drivers of aging: oxidation and glycation.  And the secret to rejuvenating skin is to take steps to manage these two processes.  Let us examine each in turn.

What is oxidation?

Oxidation is the damage that results from energy generation in the body.  Life requires energy.  However, energy generation is not a clean process.  There is a continuous, low-level of protein damage that is unavoidable.  It is a part of being alive.  That is, the very processes required for life creates damage that ultimately ends life.  This is the circle of life.  This is also why immortality in the human body is impossible.  I find it all quite poetic.

A useful analogy is a diesel generator.  It uses diesel and oxygen to generate useful electrical energy.  But this process also generates harmful waste gases that pollute the air.  The cells in your body use food and oxygen to generate chemical energy.  But this process also generates harmful oxidants that damage the body.

How to slow oxidation

I suppose you have heard of antioxidants.  A group of compounds found in fruits and vegetables.  And that they are very good for you.  Have you ever wondered why?  As the name suggests, antioxidants neutralize oxidants.  They mop up any excess of harmful oxidants in the body.  They are essential for life and health.  They minimize the damage associated with simply being alive.

In the same vein, antioxidants protect the proteins in your skin.  When you shield these proteins from damage for long enough, some of them can be repaired.  This is skin rejuvenation.

Raw vegetable juice is the best source of antioxidants.  You can mix and match a wide array to find out what is most palatable to you.  I like carrots, beet root, spinach, and some pineapple to sweeten.  Vegetable juicing is without question the most important intervention in reversing the effects of skin aging.  And your whole body will thank you for it.

Another useful thing is lime and ginger tea.  You add a teaspoon of freshly chopped ginger to a cup of hot water.  Then add the juice of two freshly squeezed limes.  This combination is an antioxidant powerhouse.

...refined sugar is not so sweet after all.  It is the nutrient equivalent of battery acid.

What is glycation?

Glycation is damage caused by sugar in the body.  Sugar has two lives.  On the one hand, it is a critical source of energy and an important raw material in the body.  On the other hand, sugar tends to break down into highly toxic compounds that react with proteins throughout the body.  A glycated protein cannot be repaired.

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Naturals protect your ends

I saw this picture on Facebook and it got me thinking. I know that a lot of people that have natural hair are very very protective of their hair. This is also true for even the folks that are on a healthy hair journey, whether natural or not.

My thinking is that it is because of how much we now know about how fragile our hair is. All the same, do you think we over-do it?


For years I have heard about the crime fueled olive oil industry. Most of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil we get in supermarkets, markets e.t.c is actually not Olive Oil, much less virgin or extra virgin.



If you want to find out more about this, I have plenty of links for your reading pleasure.

I would advice that you start with these easy to read illustrated slides by Nicholas Blechman.



You will find short information on the racket that is the Olive Oil industry here. For example, did you know that In 2007 it was reported that only 4 percent of olive oil leaving Italy was pure Italian Olive Oil? Even the ones that have MADE in ITALY stamped on them or even have those cute Italian Flags on them.

Only a few brands have been singled out as being the real deal by Tom Mueller who is considered an Olive Oil expert. You can check out the list here

Another oil I would really like to get into is most of the Jojoba oil sold in Nigeria. Another day...


January 2014

This month, I am loving the things that make me clean.


Let's start with my feet. I have very very dry skin. My heels are dry and even have cracks in them. To slough off dead, dry skin, nothing works better than my local pumice stone. I have tried a lot of the imported variations but they can't hold a candle to this stone. They are typically not sold in stores, so imagine my joy when I walked into Fig Health Store, Lekki and saw them displayed beautifully in a basket. I bought 3 of them. At N350 each, I consider that a good deal.

I typically use the pumice stones once a week and follow up with a deep moisturizing treatment. if I feel like my feet need more TLC, I slather cream on them and sleep in socks. Works every time.


I have spoken about my Clarisonic before. After years of using my hands, wash cloths, soft sponges, medium sponges et al without much satisfaction, I came across the Clarisonic Aria about a year ago. I use it once a day - typically at night. Let's just say that my facial skin has never been the same. I now spend less on facial products because my face is so clean, my products sink in faster. Also, that elusive glow girls chase after? With the truly clean skin the Clarisonic gives,  you will come closer to having it.

While my skin is actually quite good and acne free, it has gotten even better with the Clarisonic. It is a product I would advice everyone to get.

I bought mine straight off the Clarisonic website. They don't ship to Nigeria, unfortunately.


The first time I had these used on me were at a Hammam treatment. I have been to  more Hammam treatments since that initial one but never thought to use the gloves on myself. On a whim, I bought a pair about 2 months ago and I do not know why I didn't do so sooner. Anyone that has had a Hammam knows that those ladies don't play with these gloves. By the time you are done with the treatment, a whole lotta dead skin and dirt is left behind - I figured that I could get a similar effect. The first time I used them on myself, Chile! lemme tell you that I was puzzled at the brown water pooling at my feet in the shower when I rinsed off.

These babies rid the skin of dead cells and reveal smoother, skin. I do not hurt myself by rubbing myself raw. A sensible pressure will still give you the desired effect. I get a lot of questions about what products can give glowing skin. Yes, I used  the word "give" and not "reveal", intentionally. Apart from good make-up, which gives only a temporary glow, I don't believe that there is a product that can give it to you. Wash your body and face properly and you may be able to reveal that glow.

I bought these for between N850 - N1000 at Ebeano Supermarket.

Have you used any of these products before?

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A while ago, I spoke to Adamu Waziri about Bino and Fino, his educational cartoon aimed at children. In the current market climate that is Nigeria, it is laudable that this young man is not only following his passion but is being ethical about choosing sponsors.

If you have not already seen clips, follow this link to view clips of Bino and Fino on the web. You can also buy DVDs for friends and family (fantastic Christmas gifts).

If you ask me, what I like the most about Bino and Fino is the fact that it is African - we are quickly introduced to Bino and Fino's extended family - they eat local food, celebrate African holidays and speak with an African accent. Lastly, Bino has a big, bouncy AFRO which she secures together in two buns! My daughter has a DVD and I have gifted children around me with the same, putting my money where my mouth is.

Here's what Adamu had to say when I asked him a few questions.

Adamu Waziri of Bino and Fino Natural Nigerian

When did you absolutely know that this was something that you were going to do?

I would say 2009 was when everything crystallized and I decided to go for it. Up till then Bino and Fino was just an idea which had been bouncing in my head and I was scared to implement. In fact I didn’t even have a name for the show then. I just knew I wanted to do a genuine animated cartoon show for children. I also knew I wanted the production to be done entirely in Nigeria. Beyond that it was just a void. The Bino and Fino show was developed out of that void. Even though it has been tough I am glad I made the decision to pursue this project.  

I am sure that you have had some highs and some lows with this project. Please share them with us.

The highs come in different ways. The fact that we were the first to actually produce an educational children’s animation DVD in Nigeria and then bring it to market was a high for me. We had to go through a lot to achieve that. Another high is more important to me. That is the reaction of parents and children to the show. When a parent gets in touch with us to let us know the positive effect the show has had on their kids it gives me more fuel to push ahead past the lows. At the end of the day that is what Bino and Fino is about. Educating and entertaining kids.

The lows are those I’m sure many businesses face in Nigeria. These include lack of funding, infrastructure etc. As we produce a media product we are also susceptible to piracy and other distribution problems. There are also several sponsorship deals we’ve missed out on due to politics within organisations. 

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