Welcome, to a new series! One where we talk to actual hair stylists and get them to give us insider tips on how to maintain or attain healthy hair. I have teamed up with Nat. Mane of Deep, Brown & Kinks for this. She is the best hair stylist I know and I love her work and how she pays attention to detail. I hope to do a lot more with her as the year goes on but we’ll start here. 
today we begin with questions you should ask yourself prior to heading to the Salon for that hair coloring session!


Katharine Natural Nigerian

A few months ago, I received a mail from a reader asking me for the English names of some items she had come across in a Northern Nigeria market. 
A few mails back and forth and I decided that I definitely had to interview her so that I could share with you some of her natural lifestyle practices. Easy to incorporate into your daily life and it will make a big impact not only in your life but also in the environment. 
The first thing you will probably notice is that Katharine is very tall. Lol! Actually, you will notice that she is an Oyinbo so we are making her an “honorary” Natural Nigerian!  Make sure you read it all, she shares some really interesting things about how we can live Naturally in Nigeria. 


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Healthy School Lunch Pesto Pasta Nigeria

My daughter now has to stay in school for an extra hour after closing time so that she can participate in extra-curricular activities.  For me, that means giving her an even more substantial meal because that extra hour means that she will be spending lunch time in school and will be starving by the time she gets home.

A good choice for a filling meal is Pasta and rather than just regular pasta, whole wheat pasta is sooooo much better.

That is the inspiration for today’s Healthy School Lunch Idea.


My Regimen - Shampooing A question oft asked is what my Natural Hair regimen is. I haven’t shared it in totality in the past because

  • I am such believer in Keeping it Simple (K.I.S.S) that my regimen is at best, boring.
  • My regimen has not changed much over the last few years.
  • I make so many of my own products myself that even if I were to mention them it will be of no benefit to anyone that wants to use the same products. There would be more value if they were commercially available.

ALL that said, I have decided that I will share my regimen all the same. Hopefully, someone out there will benefit from it. Since I want to go in-depth, I am going to create a mini-series beginning with shampooing! (more…)

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