Natural Nigerian bentonite-clay
Bentonite ClayNatural Nigerian bentonite-clayNatural Nigerian Bentonite ClayNatural Nigerian™ Bentonite Clay

Natural Nigerian™ Bentonite Clay

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Natural Nigerian™ Bentonite Clay is a super-absorbent mineral based clay which detoxifies and cleanses skin and hair. Bentonite clay cleanses deeply yet gently, reviving lackluster hair and skin.

Directions for use:

Hair: Mix a little clay with an acidic liquid like Apple Cider Vinegar or Aloe Vera Juice. Consistency should be pourable but not too light. Use in place of shampoo to cleanse scalp and hair. Wash off after 15 – 20 minutes.

Skin: Mix as above and apply as a mask to face and body. Wash off after 15-20 minutes.

A little goes a long way! Use a small quantity.

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