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Natural Nigerian™ Continuous Mist Spray Flairosol Bottle

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Natural Nigerian™ Continuous Mist Spray Flairosol Bottle delivers a remarkable spray quality. It is engineered with multi patented technologies. It’s very fine mist combined with continuous spray functionality covers a large area quickly, evenly and in all directions from the first drop to the last.

Natural Nigerian™ Continuous Mist Flairosol Bottle stands out because of how it looks, but its technology and design is what sets it apart for the consumers who use it.  It has a steady fine Mist with just a few pumps. It also results in much less hand fatigue. It dispenses accurately.

Natural Nigerian™ Continuous Mist Spray Flairosol Bottle with each squeeze of the trigger dispenses 1.2cc of product per second in a continuous spray. Repeated actuation will produce an even fine mist over large areas. One stand out feature is the 360 degree upside down spray capability, this is intended to help consumers reach areas that are less accessible to them. Other key features include its fine mist, continuous spray, unique design, being propellant free, also a non-pressurized container and environmental friendly.

It is used for packaging water based liquids such as products for hair and so on.

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