Natural Nigeria Africa Raw Black Soap
Natural Nigerian™ Raw Black SoapNatural Nigerian™ Raw Black Soap 500gNatural Nigerian™ Raw Black Soap

Natural Nigerian™ Raw Black Soap 500g

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Made from an ancient recipe that has been passed down through the generations, Black Soap is known for its gentle, deep cleansing abilities. It is basically made from cocoa pod ash, shea butter and or palm kernel oil.

Natural Nigerian™ Raw Black Soap is crumbly and comes in a light to medium brown color. For those that are unfamiliar with it, it may not look anything like black soap. However, taking some of the soap in your palm and washing your hands with it will confirm that it is, indeed, black soap!

Once it has been hydrated and any additives e.g. oils, honey e.t.c you want is added in, leave to cure (this is fancy speak for “just put it away for a few days to a few weeks”). Your mixture will slowly develop the texture and color you are more used to with black soap. It will be your own bespoke soap mixture!

Natural Nigerian™ Raw Black Soap is plain which allows you to create your own recipe with essential oils, natural oils, aloe vera juice or gel e.t.c. to feed your skin exactly what it needs.

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