Why did the older generation relax their hair?

This lady was at NITC2. She gave us an insight as to some of the reasons the older generation moved away from Natural hair. I am sure a lot of us have photos of our mothers with massive Afros which gave way to relaxed hair. Ever wondered why?

What I found really interesting about her comment was the fact that she mentioned that back in the days when Afros started giving way to relaxed hair, they had European hairstylists who were better trained at relaxing hair than most of the stylists that we have today.

I remember getting my hair relaxed at a new salon. Little did I know that they had a problem with their water supply. The stylist proceeded to wash the relaxer off my hair with 2 sachets of pure water (approximately 1 liter of water). When I complained, he told me that he had been a stylist for 5 years and knew what he was doing. I then reminded him that I had had my hair for over 20 years and was more of an expert regarding its needs. He grumbled through it but did as I asked and washed it off with an appropriate amount of water. Makes me wonder how many others have lost their hair to his ‘5-year experience’.

Please forgive the quality of the video – the room was dark because we were looking at presentation slides so all the lights were turned out. Also, I didn’t catch the first part of her comment on video because I was in another part of the room. Check out her daughter’s blog here: http://naijafitgirl.com/

By the by, this is my very first Youtube video! Yay! More to come…

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