Bad Hair Practices – Getting rid of Lice

Writing the post on Lice Infestation made me remember an experience I had while in Junior Secondary School. It was traumatic and I thought I would share it in case there is anyone I can save from such a treatment.

While in Junior Secondary School 2, I found that I had lice infestation in my hair. I was in boarding school several states away from home so there was no option of going home to have my mum take care of the problem for me. I was maybe 11 years old.

The girls in senior classes came up with a solution….I was to spray my hair with insecticide, cover it up with a plastic bag and then keep it on over night. I would be allowed to wash it the following morning.

That was the way lice was handled back in the day in that school. I had no say in the matter. I sat quietly while someone emptied about half a can of insecticide into my hair.


It is a wonder that my hair did not fall out.  I certainly developed some respiratory problems (luckily, they were temporary).

After the “treatment”, it was found that I was still hosting some lice left in my hair. Luckily, school closed a couple of days after my “treatment” and I was allowed to travel home on vacation where my mum (at the behest of her hair stylist) promptly put some relaxer in my hair to get rid of the lice .

Now, we know that there are less invasive ways of dealing with the problem, thankfully.

Have any stories to share? I would like to hear about them.

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