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December 2013

My daughter has developed a liking for peanut butter. Since I am not big on buying things from the supermarket when I can make it myself......I made it myself. If you would like to know the other reason why I hesitate to pull things off the shelf and into my shopping trolley, read all the way to the end. There is nothing difficult about making peanut butter. My people (Igbo Kwenu!) have been making a peppery version for years as an accompaniment to garden eggs. Off course they started out using their grinding stones to do this. I left out all the grunt work and simply pressed a button on my blender and Voila!, creamy, smooth peanut butter.

Natural Nigerian Peanut Butter All Natural, Home Made Peanut Butter

I used only one ingredient and that was  - peanut, more popularly known as groundnut around these parts. My groundnut is salted and of the dark, well roasted variety which I much prefer for its full bodied flavor. The type that is lightly roasted and looks a lot lighter, has a different flavor. Whichever one you want your groundnut butter to taste like is the one you should use.

Natural Nigerian Peanut Butter Ingredient

The tools I used were: My Vitamix with a tamper to press the groundnut down. A spoon for transferring the peanut butter into a container and a glass jar for storage. Very easy.

Natural Nigerian Peanut Butter Tools for making

Place your groundnut ONLY in your blender and blend. I used the tamper in the Vitamix to press the groundnut down onto the blade. You will need to do this as well as the groundnut gets 'stuck" and will be unable to move without your help. Natural Nigerian Peanut Butter Blending

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A while ago, I spoke to Adamu Waziri about Bino and Fino, his educational cartoon aimed at children. In the current market climate that is Nigeria, it is laudable that this young man is not only following his passion but is being ethical about choosing sponsors.

If you have not already seen clips, follow this link to view clips of Bino and Fino on the web. You can also buy DVDs for friends and family (fantastic Christmas gifts).

If you ask me, what I like the most about Bino and Fino is the fact that it is African - we are quickly introduced to Bino and Fino's extended family - they eat local food, celebrate African holidays and speak with an African accent. Lastly, Bino has a big, bouncy AFRO which she secures together in two buns! My daughter has a DVD and I have gifted children around me with the same, putting my money where my mouth is.

Here's what Adamu had to say when I asked him a few questions.

Adamu Waziri of Bino and Fino Natural Nigerian

When did you absolutely know that this was something that you were going to do? I would say 2009 was when everything crystallized and I decided to go for it. Up till then Bino and Fino was just an idea which had been bouncing in my head and I was scared to implement. In fact I didn’t even have a name for the show then. I just knew I wanted to do a genuine animated cartoon show for children. I also knew I wanted the production to be done entirely in Nigeria. Beyond that it was just a void. The Bino and Fino show was developed out of that void. Even though it has been tough I am glad I made the decision to pursue this project.   I am sure that you have had some highs and some lows with this project. Please share them with us. The highs come in different ways. The fact that we were the first to actually produce an educational children’s animation DVD in Nigeria and then bring it to market was a high for me. We had to go through a lot to achieve that. Another high is more important to me. That is the reaction of parents and children to the show. When a parent gets in touch with us to let us know the positive effect the show has had on their kids it gives me more fuel to push ahead past the lows. At the end of the day that is what Bino and Fino is about. Educating and entertaining kids. The lows are those I’m sure many businesses face in Nigeria. These include lack of funding, infrastructure etc. As we produce a media product we are also susceptible to piracy and other distribution problems. There are also several sponsorship deals we’ve missed out on due to politics within organisations.  Please click here to 

The quarterly Natural Hair Meet Up in Lagos, NITC, held on the 30th of November. This was the 7th edition. It was very well usual and I loved meeting new people, catching up with my usual folks and ogling hair 'dos. I apologize greatly to those who did not find seats (at a point it was full inside where the hair workshop was taking place AND full in the garden where the vendors were set up). From a numbers perspective, we hit an all time high! Thank you! I took so many many pictures that it has been tough choosing which will make it to the blog as well as annotating them all. I believe I have over 60 pictures here which is a lot!  Special thanks to Ebele for taking charge of the Product Swap Segment. Tope Jobi of Chez Moi and Hadassah for leading the discussion after the viewing of the Kickin' It with the Kinks documentary. Cynthia and Mundia of KIWTK for trusting us to do a good job of showing their video. Bunmi Roberts of Tunmise Natural Hair Salon for donating 3 lovely (high quality) T-shirts for the giveaway. Nneka E. for facilitating things. Lolo for helping me out when I was getting pulled in a million different directions! Lanre Kosoko for gifting me with a Rich Coffee Body Scrub and Whipped Cocoa Butter. Lastly, thank you to all those that literally travelled to be there. Yes, there were people there from Iju, Abeokuta and Ife.  I had a fantastic time and I hope you did too! [caption id="attachment_3133" align="aligncenter" width="822"]Long Locs This is Sherese. Co-host of NITC7[/caption]

Register here, pleaseVendors setting up In SessionTwo Profiles TWA Twists 1Twists 2Twists 3 Tucked inTransitioningTo the side 2 Surrounded by ArtTendrilstext4709 To the side Stately Greys Say CheeseShe styled her hairSmileChicProtective Style 2

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The 7th edition of the Meet Up is here! This is a P.A.C.K.E.D edition. Phew! Let me attempt to start breaking it down. The theme of NITC7 is Protective Styling which is very important for retaining length and growing healthy hair. Get

I received a disturbing email a few days ago and just had to share it. To summarize, a child began vomiting and complaining of a stomach ache and was lucky enough to have vigilant minders and parents who quickly linked it to the Capri Sonne she had been drinking. There was biological matter (most likely mold) in it - black , white and thoroughly disgusting. I need to point out that the parents had done their due diligence by buying a batch that had not expired. In fact, the expiration date was set for June 2014. I shudder to think of what the outcome would have been if this child had drank more of the juice. She did not even finish an ~6oz pack when she started vomiting. This is what the juice looked like. Naturally, this is not anything a parent would feed a child if (s)he had seen it. [caption id="attachment_2973" align="aligncenter" width="574"] Tainted by Biological Matter[/caption] There are lessons we can all take away from here. 

  • Give your children juice you prepare yourself. It is healthier and you can whiz up something quickly if you have the right equipment. As a working mum, I know that packet juices are easier but easier is not always really easier, if you know what I mean.
  • If you must drink packet juice or eat anything out of a can, pour it out so that you can see what you are drinking/eating.
  • Move away from processed foods as much as you can. It is still possible to prepare most things from scratch, quickly. The time you would have saved not doing so may not be equated to time spent in hospital due to the associated illnesses that can occur – obesity, hypertension, diabetes. We all know that processed foods have been linked to these and more.
  • Spread this information and get your child's schools involved too.
To see the original email (which was written by the child’s mother), please keep reading. This story was confirmed to me by someone that knows the child’s mother personally so it is authentic. There are also more pictures if you read more.  

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