Grocery Shopping with Natural Nigerian

L-R: 70% Lindt Chocolate, Eggs, Salted Butter, Empty Jars, Bones, Frozen Vegetables.

Since embarking on a natural and healthier lifestyle, I have found that several habits have changed. An important one is how I shop. The most dramatic change would have to be that my shopping trolley is a lot emptier when I shop at the supermarket, and the happiest change is that I spend less making myself ill.

Hardly any biscuits, candies, artificial juice and other non-natural things find their way to my basket. I say hardly because, let us be real, from time to time I will sneak it some things. However, even the things that are snuck in are inherently healthier than they would have been before. An example is chocolate. I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought a Twix or Bounty Bar.

I would rather buy a Lindt excellence bar that is at least 70% dark chocolate. As a matter of fact, I picked these up because my daughter asked for them. I know that most children prefer sweeter chocolate bars, but my daughter has learned to love these ones.

Bones are very important to me. I buy them and boil them for stock. The stock is a base for most of my cooking and helps me achieve tasty meals. At less than N200 a bag, that is a steal. There are also many benefits of using bone marrow stock from cellulite reduction to an all round healthier body.  I may have to get to it in another post.

I buy frozen veggies as they allow me an easy way to instantly upgrade a meal. I put it in everything. Noodles, rice, pasta, beans. If I can boil it, I can vegetalize it (yes, I just made up a word). Frozen vegetables are purportedly about as nutrient rich as fresh vegetables so I always make sure that there is a bag in the freezer.

Now, butter. Hmmm. I do not like eating bread. Even more so since I have just found out that it blocks my pipes (if you know what I mean). However, I have a weakness for butter. So I eat bread to get my butter fix. I only allow myself this 200g pack every other month or so – that is the equivalent of about 12 slices of bread as I pack it on thick. Yes, my weakness.

The glass jars are there because I constantly need containers for my various DIY hobbies. The bigger glass jar now holds moisturizing leave in conditioner for my daughter and I.

So that is it. Please share what you buy with me.

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