Natural Nigerian Bride – Rachel Ocheja

I have been following Natural Blogger, Rachel for a while and when she got married, she did not “fall my hand”. She represented! Really pleased to bring you the story of this Nigerian Natural Hair Bride. If you want to find her online, her details are at the bottom of the post. Make sure you follow her online for more sensational photos.

Hey! Introduce yourself please!

Hi my is Rachel Ocheja (eeek! its exciting/ weird using the new surname). I am a natural hair blogger and I am obsessed with living a healthy and organic lifestyle!

You sported a fantastic natural hairstyle on your wedding day. Why did you decide not to hide your natural hair for the special day? What made you so confident?

Okay, first I would like to say I had some natural hair extensions in my hair for added volume and as a protective measure, although looking back I could have just used all my hair (Kemi Lewis was so gentle even with the extensions). I decided not to hide my hair because natural hair is beautiful. Also, I want to show African women, that our hair is great for every occasion!
There is this view that natural hair is a fad and its unkempt, rough, or a fashion statement etc, well…………it isn’t all those things. As the name implies “natural” hair is our hair as God intended and it can be used for the office, for walking on the street and on your wedding day!!!!! Women of other races don’t fix afro extensions for their weddings so why do Nigerian/African/ Black women feel that their own natural texture isnt good enough for a day like their wedding? I got a lot of “so are you relaxing it for the wedding?” and my answer was always NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
photo 2

How did you decide on a stylist?

Hmmmm I was just looking for someone who was talented and someone who knew how to work well with natural hair! I found Kemi Lewis on Instagram, and I fell in love with the beautiful styles she created. To try her out I came to her salon ( KL’s natural beauty bar) with my hair shrunken and she did a great job.
Her staff are well trained, she was really gentle with my hair and only used products I agreed with! After that I was done! I asked her to do my bridal hair and she agreed!

Did you work with her to come up with a style? Did you do a mock trial before the big day?

I didnt work with my stylist at all to come up with the style! I have zero creativity in that department. I had no time for a mock trial ( well really I was too lazy) so on the day, under pressure and in 30mins, Kemi came up with something fantastic.

What would you advice other Natural Nigerians to do if they wanted to rock their natural hair for the big day?

Just werk that natural look ladies! Its your hair and most importantly its your day! If you want to have an afro or shave your head its your choice and no one should make you feel bad about that.
photo 4
Love this race to win at cutting the cake first.
photo 2

Okay, let’s digress a bit and talk about that dress! It was quite unique. Why did you decide on that one?

Well I had two dresses, which one are you asking about? lol. (NN  says: I was talking about the one for the reception)
The church one was pretty simple and appropriate for church. However, the one for the reception was a testament to my personality.
I like things to be fun and interesting so I was looking for a dress that would say I had some “spunk” lol. The pearls at the back was really what did it for me, I just loved the detail.
photo 1

Where can we find you online?

On my Blog and on Instagram.
photo 5
We wish you strength, love and peace in your married life, Rachel!
Bride’s Make Up:   Mamza Beauty
Photography:         Dammell Photography
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