Natural Nigerian Bride – Amaechi

Amaechi is a member of the Natural Nigerians Facebook groups and I was quite excited to get first dibs on her natural hair story for her wedding.

This is actually just the Registry wedding, so there will be another one for her White Wedding.


Hey! Introduce yourself please!

Hello, my name is Mrs Amaechi Egbujuo (feeling excited about the new last name), but you can call me Amy.

You sported a fantastic natural hairstyle. Why did you decide not to hide your natural hair for the special day? What made you so confident?

Why hide my God given beauty? I always look good in my natural hair, and I wanted something unique.
Natural Hair Nigeria Wedding Nigerian

How did you decide on a stylist?

It was quite difficult to find a stylist who knows how to do/style a natural hair especially in the eastern part of Nigeria. Was doing my nails at my favorite place (best nail tech in Owerri) in owerri when I asked the nail tech if she knows any good salon in town not knowing I was with a stylist herself (her friend).
She introduced me to her friend who manages Deluxe Chic Beauty Palace in Ikenegbu. She was able to convince me how good she was. Two days before my court wedding, I tried her out and I must say, she was really good and very professional.  She’s going to style my hair for my big day. (Can’t wait!)

Did you work with her to come up with a style? Did you do a mock trial before the big day?

We both worked together, and I was her first natural hair client. That was my trial for my big day, fortunately for me it happened to be couple of days before my Registry [wedding].
Natural Hair Nigeria Wedding Nigerian

What would you advice other Natural Nigerians to do if they wanted to rock their natural hair for the big day?

Pick a style that will suits your face, and that will compliment your dress. Make sure you have a good makeup artist (glad I did). Lastly be confident enough to rock your NH on your big day. Glad I did cos It made me stood out among other brides.
Natural Hair Nigeria Wedding Nigerian

Okay, let’s digress a bit and talk about the money factor. A lot of natural brides complain that it costs a lot of money to get their hair done, how much did you spend and how did you keep to budget?

Looking at my receipt from the salon, I actually paid 2000 Naira. Of course you have to bargain with your stylist,  there are a lot of people out there that are dying to style Natural Hair (at least for me).
 Natural Hair Nigeria Wedding Nigerian

Where can we find you online?

Instagram:         amynwa
Vendors for the Wedding:
Hair:                   Deluxe Chic Beauty Palace, Owerri-08092434071
Make-up:           Beauty et al concepts 08030557948
Photography:    Owas Image 0808405383
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