NITC9 – The Flyer and more information

As promised, here is more information about the 9th edition of our Lagos Natural Hair meet up! It is the last one of the year so we are going to make it count! Our theme this time is Maintaining Hair Length!

Hopefully, you have stuck with us for a few meet ups and you have gathered the tips for growing your hair. As a lot of people know, growing your hair long and keeping it long can be mutually exclusive although they really shouldn’t be. That is why we have a theme around this all important topic.

For the ladies that have locs, don’t fear, one of our presenters focuses solely on locs so you will be taken care of as well. Another presenter will be actually demo-ing styles. There will be two more presenters, so lots to expect!

The meet up is taking place at the Social Place, Lagos. This is a bit of a homecoming for us as we had the very first NITC there. See more pictures of NITC here. If you look at the pictures, you may see a few familiar faces, like Atilola of African Naturalistas. This was before she even started making products. You will also see Screwy Haired Girl, who I really miss every time we are planning these meet ups. She gave us the name Naturals in The City and made many many more contributions that made us NITC.

So, back to the Social Place. I love the place. Greenery is a weakness of mine and they have a lush garden. I look forward to us taking pictures with that backdrop! Also, I like how Tolagbe of the Social Place transforms the space for each event. While we are not doing much, I look forward to the little we are going to do!

There will be giveaways and  product swaps (if you don’t bring your products, this does not work, so please bring those gently used products with you). I am looking forward to this!

Hope you are too! Bring a friend or 3!

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