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I’m bringing this series back, because in this Made in Nigeria dispensation, there is a lot to love and share.


tea_time_glass_tea_bottle_1Let’s start with the only non-Nigerian item on the list. I got this from a Woolworth’s in Johannesburg. It is for brewing tea and y’all know I love my tea! The bottom bit (the green part) is where the tea bag goes.tea_strainer-greenI particularly like this because there is no wet tea bag to deal with. Plus I can extract more from my teabag this way.

Why do I like this so?

  • Made from Glass. If you struggle with hormonal issues, e.g. fibroids, you have absolutely no business eating/drinking hot things from non BPA free plastic. There are plastic bits but those are BPA free.
  • It is a 19oz bottle so you get good capacity while the slimness of the bottle means that it can slip into a decent sized handbag or punchbag without taking much space. Be careful to ensure that you have closed it properly…I had a spill in my much loved bag last week 🙁
  • It has a cork sleeve so you can still hold the bottle while it has hot liquid in it.
  • It comes in pretty colors.
  • The environment! Glass is more environmentally friendly.

I do not know where this is sold in Nigeria, sadly. I wish I did as they have other bottles in their range which I wouldn’t mind buying. It is available on Amazon and on their website.


Nigerian Make Up

This is a brand close to my heart. Very close, as this company is owned by my sister and I. This is a toxic chemical free, handmade cosmetic line. We’ve released the eyeshadows and lipsticks b but before the end of the year, more items will be added. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, just expect that there will be more information soon. Good Information that will make make-up lovers in the natural community (and outside of it) very happy.

So if you are into

  • Pigmented make-up
  • Make-up that is Toxic Chemical Free
  • Make-up that is made from plant materials and nourishing butters and oils
  • Supporting Made In Nigeria brands

Then you need look no further.

All the items are made in Lagos, Nigeria. No custom manufacturing. 100% us. Skin healthy ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acids and more are used in formulating the various make up lines so you look good while nourishing your skin. Since I have some insight into the back end, I can tell you that are a lots more plant materials brewing which will find their way into even more products.

The website is being worked on, but please follow us on Instagram to get up to date information.

You can place orders for the items in the picture. To place your orders, please write to


After months of procrasination, I finally bought the Lose It Nigeria (LIN) eBook from 9jafoodie. I have followed her blog since the very very early days and have been a recipient of all the free knowledge she has been doling out for years. That is not the reason why I bought the LIN eBook though. I did this because I figured that if she could have been giving quality information out for free all these years, anything she puts a price to would be top notch. Let’s just say she did not fall my hand (disappoint) me.
Lose It Nigeria by 9jafoodie

LIN is delivered with a lot of visuals, step by step recipes, a background on why certain foods works. Each recipe is broken down so that the calorific information is presented as well as the Macros. Best of all, 95% of the items are local Nigeria fare so you can eat your darling Nigerian foods and still keep your figure.

It is arranged nicely so that you can find snacks, breakfast options, swallow e.t.c fairly easily. There is also some flexibility so that you can create your own unique food table, Ronke of 9jafoodie says that by sticking with the program for 4 weeks, you will lose some weight.

I am still starting the program so I can’t speak to the weight loss but I love it so far!

You can purchase your Lose It Nigeria (LIN) eBook by following this link. 

And that is it for October! If there is anything you think I should check out, please send me an email and let me know! If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I lean heavily towards Made In Nigeria goods. They have to be in keeping with the essence of this blog to be featured. 


  • October 11, 2016


    Nice one. Been following you for a while. Just starting my journey towards sustainable living and intend blogging about it . I’m so drawn towards been a naturalist but I have some challenges which I’m sure I will overcome.

  • October 11, 2016

    The BakeSmith's Cafe

    I got the Lose It Nigerian cookbook early this year and I wasn’t disappointed either.
    Even though I needed to drop a couple (a LOT) of kilos at the time, I really just wanted in on more 9jafoodie’s recipes?
    It’s also amazing how good the meals taste considering how much of the unhealthy stuff have been eliminated from the cooking process.
    Two thumbs up????

  • November 24, 2016

    Modupe Asiru

    Kudos for your efforts on those natural make up line.. I pray you and your sister succeed in the business. In this day of deadly chemicals and toxins in almost any thing from food to beauty products, ventures like yours deserves every encouragement.

  • January 1, 2017


    THANK YOU!!! Finally I come across a Nigerian website that’s not just well written but offers high value, you make me proud to be a Nigerian. Thank you again my sister, God bless.
    I love what you offer, and will be making orders regularly. Kudos to you! But of course it is no surprise, off spring of excellent parenting, I doff my hat to your parents and to you.

  • June 13, 2017

    Nice blog.well explained thank you sharing with us.


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