About this brand

Natural Nigerian is a 100% female owned business. Owned and run by a qualified chemist, Natural Nigerian has been instrumental in building the Natural community in Nigeria.

We began in 2011 as one of the first blogs to catalog and share the experience of having Natural Hair in Nigeria. This was a gap that needed to be filled as some Nigerians had begun to view natural hair as a viable option for the first time in decades and did not have any in-country resources or even knowledge to rely on. Most of the information filtering from the US and the UK did not address our then lack of resources (no natural salons and no product), our unique Nigerian hair or even things as basic as how the different weather affected our hair care and styling capabilities. The Natural Nigerian Blog brought a Nigerian perspective to things.

Beyond Hair, the Natural Nigerian blog also shines a light on other topics that interest the Natural Lifestyle Community in Nigeria and abroad.


In November of 2011, Natural Nigerian also began to host the now famous, Naturals In The City (NITC), a Natural Hair Meet Up alongside Ms. Nike Taylor and Mrs. Sherese Ijewere. NITC is the most consistent meetup in Nigeria has now transitioned to a Natural Lifestyle meetup, encompassing even more needs of the Natural Community. Our co-hosts have expanded to include Ms. Ekene of the blog, thekinkandi as well as Ms. Isioma Afuberoh.

Natural Nigerian has also co-hosted Natural Hair meet ups in Ibadan, Calabar, Enugu and Abuja. NITC continues to hold in Lagos every quarter.

Our Ingredients

Our focus is utilizing Nigeria’s rich ethnobotanical ingredients in our formulations as a way of tapping into our rich culture as well as drawing attention to their existence in the hopes that others begin to appreciate their value. It is our hope that this will yield revenue for those that farm these ingredients and those that process it. Natural Nigerian is the first company to ever put Red Acalypha and Nigerian grown herbs into use.


We are a 100% Nigerian female owned business that has been instrumental in building the Natural lifestyle community in Nigeria. Our products are inspired by beauty, sourced from nature and backed by science.
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