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Dried Okro Nigerian Food

Nigerian Foods – Dried Okro

The idea of a new series on the blog came up a few weeks ago when I went to the market and posted a picture of something I found which I had no previous knowledge of. It was dried okro.

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Sugar Content in Instant Hot Chocolate

How many of us do not enjoy having a cup of chocolate? The warm drink puts most people in a good mood. We certainly feed it to our kids on a fairly consistent basis. ​But then, what are we really drinking?

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Solar Powered home in Lagos, Nigeria

I am very happy this morning. Resigning from my job means that I actually have to LIVE in my apartment. I am staying in the same apartment and all, but I always felt that it wasn’t a HOME. More like a

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Bitter Kola Nut – benefits to health and more

English Names: – Bitter Kola, False Kola Nigerian Names: Bini – Edun. Efik – Efiari. Ibibio – Efiat. Igbo – Akilu, Aki-unu, Adi, Akara-inu, Ogolu. Ijaw – Okan I was given a care pack from the East recently. My package included

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Catch up with me…

Today is our first day of work in 2016! Beyond re-opening the Ahia, I also came on here to give you a little insight about what is going on with me, personally. As a few of you know, I have

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