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Natural Nigerian™ Premium Mango Butter 200g


Natural Nigerian™ Mango Butter is obtained from the seeds in the pith of the mango fruit. Natural Nigerian™ Mango Butter has good emollient properties and contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.

It naturally contains stearic acid, oleic acid (46%), linoleic acids (unsaturated Omega-6 fatty acid). It also contains vitamins A, high amount of vitamin E, C, D and group B vitamins, folic acid, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Use it for making your body butters or use it directly from hair to toe.

A  question we get all the time is: What does it smell like? It has a neutral smell. It is does not smell like the mango fruit as it is extracted from the kernel. A touch of this non-greasy butter is unbelievably soft, smooth and readily absorbed on the skin or hair.

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Natural Nigerian™ Mango butter is obtained from the kernels of the mango fruit. And we do not mix it with anything else so you are getting 100% Mango butter with absolutely no additives!

It has good emollient properties and has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. This helps it make skin look smoother and firmer. Used for the hair, it is a good sealant of moisture which helps to reduce breakage. This helps hair to grow healthier and stronger.

Mango Butter is perfect for the hair, face and skin. And if you are just interested in learning about the health benefits associated with eating mangoes, please check here.

To use:

Place some Mango Butter in your palm. Spread and apply to hair and skin as needed. It can be used in place of a body lotion or body cream.

DIY recipe:

Making a Body Butter?

Put 3 parts of Mango butter along with 1 or 2 parts of any carrier oil of your choice (More or less depending on how thick you want it to be. 1 part oil will make a thicker body butter) Whip together, put in a few drops of your favorite essential oils and your body butter is ready.

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