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I explained why I would be doing these posts here. If you have any answers to the questions, please post them below. 
Should you relax a girl’s hair at 6 years old.
A big and emphatic NO! There are plenty of ways of managing a child’s natural hair. Click on the Hair category to get some tips. For more on my take regarding this subject, click here.
How long do you leave bentonite clay on hair.
Clays typically do their work in 15-20minutes. There are no additional benefits for leaving them on for longer. More on bentonite Clay here
My hair is super dry when i use a spritz water.
Do you mean before you spritz water on it? If it is afterwards then perhaps you are not sealing the water in and the loss of  water to the environment leaves your hair super dry. Not sure of what the facts are here so I can’t give much of an answer.
Should I comb natural hair?
You certainly may. Whether you should is dependent on some factors. For example, is your hair wet or dry? Are you using the right sort of brush or comb for you hair? Is your hair strong enough to withstand the stresses of combing or will finger combing work best for you?
Does Jergens contain Shea butter?
If you are speaking about this one: yes it does. And from the way the ingredients are arranged, it appears to be available in good quantity too. 
Can you use glycerin as a deep conditioner?
Not at 100%, no. You can use it as part of a deep conditioner. You don’t need a whole lot. 2-5% of your total mix should be fine. 
What is the Yoruba name of Cinnamon and Fenugreek?
I get these questions quite a bit. Rule of thumb is that if they are not indigenous to Nigeria, then they will most likely not have a Nigerian name.  For a post on Nigerian indigenous herb names, read here. Make sure to go through the comments as well as several readers have been kind enough to contribute. 
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